Saturday, June 1, 2013

Facebook Page!!

So for the first day of 100 Days of Witchy Ways, I have finally put together my Facebook page. You guys can totally get your daily fix of me on there. It's where I'll post random things that I find hilarious, and what not. Before you ask, yes making a Facebook page and setting it up is TOTALLY witchy, because it was a freaking miracle I actually got the banner and avatar done today! Potty training the youngest. Totally hard work.

Here's my page, run over and give it a like.

So some stuff I have on my list are:

Work on my Book of Shadows
Make a Potion
House Blessing
Candle Magick
Make a Moon Chart
Make a Goddess Symbol
Practice casting circles and calling quarters
Practice with my tarot cards
Charge a candle for magickal workings
Cord Magick
Charge a Crystal
Scrying with a scrying bowl
Learn to use runes as a divination tool

Yeah I know it's less than two weeks worth of stuff, however, I am sure I will come up with some more stuff and I am always open to suggestions! So go pimp me out to your Pagan buddies and get me out there! I'll do some pimping myself when I finish up with this post.

Hugs, kisses and kitty licks!

P.S. I just thought of another one!
P.S.S And I thought of another couple!!
Commune with nature
Prayer (Yes prayer, because crafting an effective prayer is important when speaking to the deity (that auto corrected to dirty hahaha) that you believe in.

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