Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 11: Using my Tarot

So I decided to do tarot today. I usually can't think of anything to ask while doing tarot but today I managed to think of three things. I usually do a 3 card spread to answer a yes or no question.

Anywho, here is a picture of my tarot deck.

Its the Tarot of the Cat People

Then my cat decided to help with my tarot reading.

Pet me. Now.

After I petted her and got her to move I started shuffling the deck with my mind on my first question. 

Should I go running tomorrow?

Aren't those little kitties cute?!
The first card (reversed King of Pentacles) means peril or danger, the second card (Page of Swords) means Vigilance, and the third card, (reversed Five of Swords) means a chance of loss or defeat and weakness. Well I took this as meaning, if I do decided to go running tomorrow (well later today) that I should be vigilant, or I may hurt myself or be too weak to actually get through it. Since it is an overwhelming amount of negativity for this one, I am going to go with an overall no for the answer to the question.

My next question was: Should I redo week 4 of the C25K?

All reversed... hmmmm..
The first card (reversed Fool) means faulty choice and bad decision, the second card (reversed Nine of Wands) means that there would be adversity and delays, and the third card (reversed Queen of Cups) means inconsistency of honor. So I interpret this to mean that if I go ahead and do the week over again, that I would just be adding more adversity and delay to my running, as well as it being a bad decision. I should just continue with the program as written. So the answer to this question is a no.

The third and final question I asked t his evening was: Should I do the 5k at the end of the month?

They are all right side up!
 Well this certainly looks like a very positive reading right off the bat. The first one (Six of Swords) means, success after anxiety, the second one (Eight of Swords) means turmoil and domination, and the last one (Six of Pentacles) means gratification. Well I always have anxiety about anything I do, and I feel like this is telling me that I will do it even though I have anxiety about it, and despite the turmoil, I will dominate myself, and be gratified with the outcome. So all in all this one was my first and only yes of the evening.

I love tarot because it is open to interpretation, and the cards are so beautiful. I started tarot in high school with a Rider-Waite deck and LOVED it, but I either gave my deck to someone or lost it after I bought this one. I am a huge cat person, so this deck is great, however I don't have the same connection to this deck that I had with the Rider-Waite deck. I think I just need to spend more time with the cards. Anyway, you can find this deck here.

Anyway, off to bed with me. I need to take the oldest wee one to school in the morning! <3

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