Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 12: Dream Interpretation ::Updated again::

I am laying on the couch watching Survivorman on Netflix wondering what to write about today. I start to doze off and it hits me. Dream interpretation. I am going to go to bed and record my dream when I wake up. I'll come on here and tell you guys about it and try to interpret it and see if it makes any sense. So I am going to go put a journal and a pen next to my bed.

I do love me some divination. <3

Time for me to get on my assignment. Night night everyone.


So I put my pad of paper and pen next to my bed and went to bed. I woke up. I could not remember if I had any dreams at all. I have vivid dreams every single night yet no dreams I could remember last night? I will do this again tonight, and update this post again.

::Update x2::

Okay so I managed to remember one dream that I had. I even wrote it down! I am sure it is incomplete because I had rolled over and went back to sleep after I woke up from it.

I dreamed I was trapped in a dark room, and there were 2 groups of people around me. They kept talking about getting out of that room and the two different groups took two separate ways of getting out. One took a hidden door and another took a hidden passageway. I refused to go with either of the groups and I didn't think they could get out so I don't think I wanted to try. I was looking out the slats over a window and I saw them outside and I screamed for them. One group came over and told me to go through the passageway they went through, and to just keep going through the different rooms until I got out. I get through the passageway into the next room and it had a dog in it. It was happy and wagging its tail. I gave it a pat and moved on through a door. The next room was like a childhood memory but it wasn't actually one of my memories. A child was sleeping on a dirty couch peacefully. I couldn't get out of the room and I found a compass that was like Jack Sparrow's. It showed you  the direction of whatever you wanted. I glanced back at the child and then went through the passage way and into the sunlight for the first time in what seemed like days to my dream self.

  • Trapped - To dream that I am trapped means that I feel confined or restricted.
  • Dark Room - This means that I feel trapped or repressed.
  • Groups of people - The groups refere to the merging parts of myself.
  • Locked Door - This signifies opportunies that have been denied to me, unavailable to me, or that I have missed out on.
  • Passageway - A passageway is a symbol for a new opportunity, new relationship, or even a new attitude in life.
  • Looking through the window - This signifies my outlook on life, consciousness, and point of view. I also may be reflecting on a decision.
  • Happy Dog - This suggests that my strong values and good intentions will enable me to go forward with my life and bring me success.
  • Door - Since I am entering into this door, it signifies new opportunites that are presented towards me. I am entering into a new stage of my life, and moving from one level of conciousness to another.
  • Sleeping Child - I cannot find anything that ties to this direct symbol. I believe it means I am leaving a part of me behind. A child means innocence. Maybe I am leaving some innocence behind?
  • Compass - A compass means my subconcious is showing me the way.
  • Sunlight - This means peace of mind, enlightenment, tranquility, fortune, goodwill, and insight.
I guess this dream, in a very simplified way, means that I felt trapped, and I watched as different parts of me were escaping the darkness, while I refused to try. Then I found the way out, and pushed through to a new phase of my life.

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