Monday, June 3, 2013

Day 3: Circle Casting and Visualization

The concept of working with energy is still a hard one for me to grasp sometimes. What does energy work really mean, and stuff like that you know? Sometimes it can feel real spacey and new agey to me, however it can also feel very natural and flowing. Talking, or even thinking about feeling the natural resonance of plants or people sometimes gives me pause still. Creating energy buy chanting, dancing, visualization, and stuff like that still makes my logical brain snort with laughter. Silly logical brain, everything isn't completely logical.

What I plan on doing tonight is creating a circle, a bubble of protection around magickal working (I spell magick with a k because I like the way it looks so nener nener) or even to just feel safe.

Now while I sit and think about working with energy tonight, silly things go through my mind and even scenarios. What if I go the wrong way? Will it create an anti-circle that will suck out my soul through my butt? (See silly things.) Then I think, well which way do I actually go? Clockwise right? Yeah that sounds right. Well which way is clockwise? Lets look at the watch.... well shit, it's digital. Then I struggle to bring up the face of an analog watch in my head. My brain draws a blank and boy do I feel like a dork.

Now I have yet to start trying to cast a circle because I am afraid of doing it wrong. Yes I know it's really hard to cast a circle wrong, however, doing shit wrong is my specialty. My little perfectionist, and OCD parts of my brain are screaming at me to do it right, and to be perfect or to not do it at all. My brain hypes it up more than it really needs to be hyped up. Circle casting is basic, and easy. Don't really even need an incantation. Just a little energy and some visualization to get it going.

So I went to do my circle. I thought of what to do, with my last minute brain screaming in my head. It goes like this: "WAIT!! Finger or palm? RIGHT OR LEFT!?!?! Oh fuck it, just do it."

And I did do it. It felt tingly, and warm. I was surprisingly more awake than when I started this blog post. Anyway, thanks for going through day three with me.

Warm snuggles, and fleece blankets.

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