Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 13: Charging Crystals

I love crystals. I really do. They are so pretty and they are like nature's batteries. Great for learning how to feel energy and stuff. Anyway, I was at this wonderful second hand store a few weeks ago and I found this beautiful little rose quartz. I had to get it. It screamed at me. I've been waiting for full moon to charge it, however there are many different ways to cleanse and charge crystals, so I might as well do it tonight!

Isn't it purty!? (It is rose quartz... terrible lighting.)

So I totally had to look up ways to cleanse a crystal that didn't involve the moonlight. I had to rule a few out, seeing as I don't have natural source of water handy. I don't really think the tap counts, and well I live in the desert. Oh look I can use a bell! I have 3 bells... I think I will use my triple goddess one and hope I don't wake the hubs. He might smother me in my sleep when I finally get to bed.

Love the triple goddess symbol.
Okay so the instructions say to ring the bell with the crystal as close to the origin of the sound until I feel the energy of the crystal become clear. Alrighty I am on it! (I do not suggest doing this late at night. It's like making popcorn in the middle of the night... Sounds super loud even though I am sure it isn't that loud.)

Crystal cleansed and charged. Time to go curl up under my warm blanket and cuddle a little with my human heater.

Peace, love, and apple sauce. <3

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