Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Full Moon: Healing

Tonight was awesome. I had a great ritual tonight, and the apartment is laced with sandalwood still. I like that smell. It's yummy. I feel blessed, and I am glad I didn't lazy out of the ritual tonight. I had much to be thankful for and I got to thank Her for it. She filled me with new ideas and hope. I have accomplished much this moon, and I feel better for it.

This girl is tired. It's past her bed time. 

Shitting Crow signing off for the night.
(hehehe still cracks me up)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Full Moon

So I was taking my pooch for a walk because he gave me the "I will pee on you" look, and I saw my shadow. It being night time, and it was a fuzzy shadow I knew it could only mean one thing. Full moon is coming. I looked up at the lovely Lady in most of her glory, and I smiled.

I got the bright idea that I shall use this blog for accountability. Push myself forward with new things and make a note to post every full moon, and new moon with my plans of what I am doing that night, or what I have done that night.

Oh and totally random, I found a Pagan Name Generator and I just about died from reading the description. So I had to try it.

Lorelei Bran Crow

Yep it says Bran Crow.... first thing I thought of: Shit. Because bran makes you shit. Great, I am Shitting Crow. I am howling with laughter. Anyway, this is Shitting Crow signing off. 

P.S. Before I forget: Pagan Name Generator

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fox News and their bad Wiccan Humor

I normally don't get super riled up about things, because you can't really fix stupid, but when ignorance and intolerance are broadcasted on a national news station, something needs to be said. Now I realize that a lot is being said already, but the more voices saying the same thing the quicker we will get heard.

One thing I have to stress is, don't respond with hate. I joined this religion because of the open mind mentality and because it was the best for my beliefs. I have seen so much hate from such a peace loving community about this issue, it's actually makes me sad. Stand up for what you believe in, but don't take it to a place of darkness. Remember negativity breeds negativity.

When I first watched this broadcast hours later on the internet thanks to The Domestic Witch, I was outraged, then angry, then sad. Outraged because I couldn't possibly believe they said those things, angry because they couldn't take the time to do their research before they started spewing their ignorance, then sad because they didn't know any better and were probably taught from a young age that anything but what they believe in is silly and frivolous. I agree we should demand an apology, and it upsets me when I see so many people saying "It's Fox News. They will never say sorry." That is just an excuse to keep you from doing something about it, and you give up before you even tried. Would you rather say you tried to do something about it or say that you didn't have the courage to say anything?

So go to Twitter, Facebook, and even Fox News itself and demand to be heard. Demand an apology for what they have said. They need to be held accountable for what they said, and learn that it's not okay to say that kind of stuff on national television without consequence. They should know better, and they should know they are not immune. So go out and peacefully tell them how wrong they are, and if you are angry, take a moment to calm down before answering and come from a place of good.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Book Review: Wicca For Beginners

So I am thinking I am going to write reviews for books I snag from the library, and possibly buy later. (Buy if I actually like it.)

So in the small town that I live in, the library is small, and has a small selection of everything. Except for Janet Evanovich novels... they have them ALL. Which is great because I could get like 6 Stephanie Plum novels every week until I finished the series at 18.... What? It's an addiction. (Yes I know 19 is out now. I just don't have the funds to get it right now and I haven't trolled the library to find it either...)

Anyway, last year I was in the non-fiction area of the library looking for ghost story books because the hubbs just loves those books and I stumble across Wicca For Beginners. I thought what the hey, might as well grab it and read it. I was introduced to Wicca in my youth and I enjoyed the concepts, the philosophies, and the fact that there was no central church saying what you can and can't do and if you don't follow you are going to hell or whatever bad place bad little witches go. The downside is that there is no accountability for me because I don't have anyone into it where I live, and if there is I have no idea how to talk to them. I want a coven, and a teacher, and someone to talk to about this stuff. I want reassurances that I am not going to screw it up and end up cursing my own ass if I say something the wrong way. Not that I would mess with curses or anything. Anyway back on topic, so I snag the book and take it home. We were living with my dad at the time who is a conservative Christian in his head, and I didn't think he would appreciate the book so I read it when he was at work or asleep and quickly hid it when he came home from work. Which is exactly what happened when I was a teenager. I am a grown married woman, with two children and I am hiding my secret book from my dad just like when I was a teenager. If there is no irony in that, then I have no idea what irony is.

I read the book in two days, and kept revisiting it over the two weeks I had it. It is very good for beginners, and gives an amazing intro on the subject. It gives a basic run down of rituals, the sabats, esbats, and a rundown on the theologies. It encourages you to keep going with learning the craft, and even gives recommendations on where to go from there. Overall it is fabulous for beginners and I found it easy to read and it has easy to follow directions. I also love how the author doesn't talk down to the readers, and keeps it real. She encourages people to go out and get more books on it, and to keep moving forward with it, if that is what they want.

So I recommend this book for people who are just beginning and want an introduction to Wicca, and it's many facets.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Facebook Evangelists

Much like Televangelists, there are those people who feel the need to preach their version of religion on Facebook like it makes it easier to get into their version of heaven. The more conversions the more points towards divine ascension into the perfect afterlife. Golden clouds of gooey pleasure, sprinkled with pixie stick crack. I get onto my Facebook, and within 3 minutes of scrolling into what I missed, there is at least one person on their Facebook stage telling the unenlightened masses that Jesus is the one and only true savior, and that through him is the only way into heaven. Well, going through him would be a little hard without a knife, and then you'd have to scrub the blood out of your outfit. I know bad joke. Anyway, normally Facebook preachers don't bother me. The times it does bother me is when my news feed is completely covered in bible verse, and when someone uses those bible verses for hate/bigotry.

I know, maybe I should get new Facebook friends, or maybe block those comments from my screen. The thing is, I generally like the people who spew the verses, because most of the time they don't spew them. The ones who use the bible for hate and bigotry, are usually deleted right after I read their disgusting posts. Sometimes I give them a piece of my mind, but most of the time I don't really bother with it. I also really hate the "If you don't follow my God, you are going strait to hell, you devil spawn." Those make me giggle snort, because we totally quiver in fear of going to a place we don't believe in, and to be tortured by Satan, whom we also don't believe in.

There is one friend on my list in particular, who is particularly awful about it all. He is a very devout Seventh-Day Advent, and constantly remarks about how he is not celebrating pagan sexual whatever when it comes to a holiday of some sort. Drives me up a wall. I don't hate Christians, but this one guy says how much he hates paganism with every post about killing pagan Easter bunnies, and not celebrating pagan sexual rites. (He said that Valentines day is a pagan sexual rite... Sorry hun, do your research, it's purely Catholic in origin.) He doesn't want to be judged or persecuted for his religion or his beliefs, then why judge others? Why tell others if they don't follow his religion that they are going to hell, and they are going to burn? Makes no sense at all.

There are so many parallels between the religions of Earth. Other religions adopt parts of others to help people convert. Most (not all) of the Christian holidays are pagan in origin, even the current calender is pagan in origin. (Wow this blog post turned more serious than I originally intended it to be....)

Tell me what you think about it in the comments section.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


So I was getting my Ghost Adventures fix last night, and it was a couple of Season 7 episodes dealing with demons and shit. Oh man I was thoroughly creeped out. Creeped out enough to not want to leave dear hubby's side long enough to go pee by myself. To me all of that stuff is not only really possible, but it is actually true. You just don't fuck with that kind of darkness, or even invite it into your life. It is like a hard disease to get rid of, and it clings to the soul like tar. It's why I firmly plant my pagan ass on the light side and don't even try to venture into the grey or black. Curses, hexes, or anything like that, no way. Not touching that with a 1 million foot magickal poll. I don't even want to touch an Ouija board because I've seen too many bad things happen with those.

Anyway back on topic, so I was having weird dreams last night, thanks to my Ghost Adventures fix. I was being chased by people, and I hid in this house, which turned out to be their safe house. (wtf) I found this little kid in there and the kid was taken by them. So the kid and I hide in this thing, and of course they find us in there. I wait until a lull in their activity and we run. It was at this point that I woke up.

Weird. o.O

Friday, February 8, 2013

Twitter Is Anti Pagan

I have come to realize that Twitter is anti-pagan. It actually suggested that I follow Reverend Al Sharpton.

Yes that did happen.
What in the crap?! I follow pagans, wiccans, witches, and random celebrities (only one of which I have actually internet stalked to the point I creeped myself out...). So from this I deduce with no factual evidence, Twitter is anti pagan and actually doesn't like my choice of religion or politics and wants me to follow this guy who would be so against everything I have to say... Except for maybe no more racism. Because that shit sucks.


So this first post I am going to put up here is going to be a quick intro to me, and to what I hope to accomplish (if anything) with this blog.

Here I am, quirky, slightly sarcastic and entirely full of shit. My name is Nichol, and yes it is a different spelling, which some people have a hard time remembering. Like my high school English teacher. I love her to death, and she was one of the biggest influences in my life, but that woman could never remember the spelling of my first name. Especially since I had her for all 4 years of various English/Creative writing classes. I have been into Wicca and Paganism since I was a teen, and just recently as in last year, I started to try to practice it. I say try only because I suck at follow through on things, and planning ahead is really not my strong point. I am a fly by the seat of my broom kind of person. See what I did there? Yeah I used a pagan reference. That totally gives me pagan points. My life is fueled by peanut butter sandwiches, cartoon movies, and a mainline of some sort of caffeine into my system. My two wonderfully awesome, yet psychosis inducing children are the reason why I can make peanut butter sandwiches blindfolded, and recite nearly all cartoon movies by heart. My oldest, 5, has Autism, it is high functioning, and it's not a crutch for him, and no I don't hate it. It makes him unique in that fabulous one of a kind way. My youngest, 3, is as strange as they come. The other day he told me he was a Vampirate, which is so utterly fantastic and hilarious, there is no way he can't be mine. My husband and main squeeze, some how puts up with my random outbursts of weirdness, and loves me despite it. He takes me with a grain of salt, and two xanexs. Actually that last part isn't really that true, it's only one xanex and a large jack n coke. Okay fine, he doesn't take xanex and he rarely ever drinks and if he does, it's just a beer.

Onto what I hope to accomplish with this blog... I am not sure I hope to accomplish anything except put out my brand of humor and throw a random pagan twist onto things. I don't really take a lot of shit the wrong way, and I am sarcastic to a fault. I really enjoy tongue in cheek humor, and pretending to take things the wrong way just to make a fuss for no other reason than the entertainment value, and to see people's reactions. Some people are just too serious. Seriously.

In closing, I am witty, hilarious, and awesome. Even if it is in my own mind. So if you feel up for it, join me in my struggles to find the humor, and throwing a pagan twist on just about everything. <3