Friday, February 8, 2013


So this first post I am going to put up here is going to be a quick intro to me, and to what I hope to accomplish (if anything) with this blog.

Here I am, quirky, slightly sarcastic and entirely full of shit. My name is Nichol, and yes it is a different spelling, which some people have a hard time remembering. Like my high school English teacher. I love her to death, and she was one of the biggest influences in my life, but that woman could never remember the spelling of my first name. Especially since I had her for all 4 years of various English/Creative writing classes. I have been into Wicca and Paganism since I was a teen, and just recently as in last year, I started to try to practice it. I say try only because I suck at follow through on things, and planning ahead is really not my strong point. I am a fly by the seat of my broom kind of person. See what I did there? Yeah I used a pagan reference. That totally gives me pagan points. My life is fueled by peanut butter sandwiches, cartoon movies, and a mainline of some sort of caffeine into my system. My two wonderfully awesome, yet psychosis inducing children are the reason why I can make peanut butter sandwiches blindfolded, and recite nearly all cartoon movies by heart. My oldest, 5, has Autism, it is high functioning, and it's not a crutch for him, and no I don't hate it. It makes him unique in that fabulous one of a kind way. My youngest, 3, is as strange as they come. The other day he told me he was a Vampirate, which is so utterly fantastic and hilarious, there is no way he can't be mine. My husband and main squeeze, some how puts up with my random outbursts of weirdness, and loves me despite it. He takes me with a grain of salt, and two xanexs. Actually that last part isn't really that true, it's only one xanex and a large jack n coke. Okay fine, he doesn't take xanex and he rarely ever drinks and if he does, it's just a beer.

Onto what I hope to accomplish with this blog... I am not sure I hope to accomplish anything except put out my brand of humor and throw a random pagan twist onto things. I don't really take a lot of shit the wrong way, and I am sarcastic to a fault. I really enjoy tongue in cheek humor, and pretending to take things the wrong way just to make a fuss for no other reason than the entertainment value, and to see people's reactions. Some people are just too serious. Seriously.

In closing, I am witty, hilarious, and awesome. Even if it is in my own mind. So if you feel up for it, join me in my struggles to find the humor, and throwing a pagan twist on just about everything. <3


  1. So far I love this blog, especially your wit and humor!

    I shared the link on my facebook page My Pagan Circle. I saw your link on The Domestic Witch :)