Sunday, February 17, 2013

Book Review: Wicca For Beginners

So I am thinking I am going to write reviews for books I snag from the library, and possibly buy later. (Buy if I actually like it.)

So in the small town that I live in, the library is small, and has a small selection of everything. Except for Janet Evanovich novels... they have them ALL. Which is great because I could get like 6 Stephanie Plum novels every week until I finished the series at 18.... What? It's an addiction. (Yes I know 19 is out now. I just don't have the funds to get it right now and I haven't trolled the library to find it either...)

Anyway, last year I was in the non-fiction area of the library looking for ghost story books because the hubbs just loves those books and I stumble across Wicca For Beginners. I thought what the hey, might as well grab it and read it. I was introduced to Wicca in my youth and I enjoyed the concepts, the philosophies, and the fact that there was no central church saying what you can and can't do and if you don't follow you are going to hell or whatever bad place bad little witches go. The downside is that there is no accountability for me because I don't have anyone into it where I live, and if there is I have no idea how to talk to them. I want a coven, and a teacher, and someone to talk to about this stuff. I want reassurances that I am not going to screw it up and end up cursing my own ass if I say something the wrong way. Not that I would mess with curses or anything. Anyway back on topic, so I snag the book and take it home. We were living with my dad at the time who is a conservative Christian in his head, and I didn't think he would appreciate the book so I read it when he was at work or asleep and quickly hid it when he came home from work. Which is exactly what happened when I was a teenager. I am a grown married woman, with two children and I am hiding my secret book from my dad just like when I was a teenager. If there is no irony in that, then I have no idea what irony is.

I read the book in two days, and kept revisiting it over the two weeks I had it. It is very good for beginners, and gives an amazing intro on the subject. It gives a basic run down of rituals, the sabats, esbats, and a rundown on the theologies. It encourages you to keep going with learning the craft, and even gives recommendations on where to go from there. Overall it is fabulous for beginners and I found it easy to read and it has easy to follow directions. I also love how the author doesn't talk down to the readers, and keeps it real. She encourages people to go out and get more books on it, and to keep moving forward with it, if that is what they want.

So I recommend this book for people who are just beginning and want an introduction to Wicca, and it's many facets.

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