Saturday, February 16, 2013

Facebook Evangelists

Much like Televangelists, there are those people who feel the need to preach their version of religion on Facebook like it makes it easier to get into their version of heaven. The more conversions the more points towards divine ascension into the perfect afterlife. Golden clouds of gooey pleasure, sprinkled with pixie stick crack. I get onto my Facebook, and within 3 minutes of scrolling into what I missed, there is at least one person on their Facebook stage telling the unenlightened masses that Jesus is the one and only true savior, and that through him is the only way into heaven. Well, going through him would be a little hard without a knife, and then you'd have to scrub the blood out of your outfit. I know bad joke. Anyway, normally Facebook preachers don't bother me. The times it does bother me is when my news feed is completely covered in bible verse, and when someone uses those bible verses for hate/bigotry.

I know, maybe I should get new Facebook friends, or maybe block those comments from my screen. The thing is, I generally like the people who spew the verses, because most of the time they don't spew them. The ones who use the bible for hate and bigotry, are usually deleted right after I read their disgusting posts. Sometimes I give them a piece of my mind, but most of the time I don't really bother with it. I also really hate the "If you don't follow my God, you are going strait to hell, you devil spawn." Those make me giggle snort, because we totally quiver in fear of going to a place we don't believe in, and to be tortured by Satan, whom we also don't believe in.

There is one friend on my list in particular, who is particularly awful about it all. He is a very devout Seventh-Day Advent, and constantly remarks about how he is not celebrating pagan sexual whatever when it comes to a holiday of some sort. Drives me up a wall. I don't hate Christians, but this one guy says how much he hates paganism with every post about killing pagan Easter bunnies, and not celebrating pagan sexual rites. (He said that Valentines day is a pagan sexual rite... Sorry hun, do your research, it's purely Catholic in origin.) He doesn't want to be judged or persecuted for his religion or his beliefs, then why judge others? Why tell others if they don't follow his religion that they are going to hell, and they are going to burn? Makes no sense at all.

There are so many parallels between the religions of Earth. Other religions adopt parts of others to help people convert. Most (not all) of the Christian holidays are pagan in origin, even the current calender is pagan in origin. (Wow this blog post turned more serious than I originally intended it to be....)

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