Thursday, February 14, 2013


So I was getting my Ghost Adventures fix last night, and it was a couple of Season 7 episodes dealing with demons and shit. Oh man I was thoroughly creeped out. Creeped out enough to not want to leave dear hubby's side long enough to go pee by myself. To me all of that stuff is not only really possible, but it is actually true. You just don't fuck with that kind of darkness, or even invite it into your life. It is like a hard disease to get rid of, and it clings to the soul like tar. It's why I firmly plant my pagan ass on the light side and don't even try to venture into the grey or black. Curses, hexes, or anything like that, no way. Not touching that with a 1 million foot magickal poll. I don't even want to touch an Ouija board because I've seen too many bad things happen with those.

Anyway back on topic, so I was having weird dreams last night, thanks to my Ghost Adventures fix. I was being chased by people, and I hid in this house, which turned out to be their safe house. (wtf) I found this little kid in there and the kid was taken by them. So the kid and I hide in this thing, and of course they find us in there. I wait until a lull in their activity and we run. It was at this point that I woke up.

Weird. o.O

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