Saturday, February 23, 2013

Full Moon

So I was taking my pooch for a walk because he gave me the "I will pee on you" look, and I saw my shadow. It being night time, and it was a fuzzy shadow I knew it could only mean one thing. Full moon is coming. I looked up at the lovely Lady in most of her glory, and I smiled.

I got the bright idea that I shall use this blog for accountability. Push myself forward with new things and make a note to post every full moon, and new moon with my plans of what I am doing that night, or what I have done that night.

Oh and totally random, I found a Pagan Name Generator and I just about died from reading the description. So I had to try it.

Lorelei Bran Crow

Yep it says Bran Crow.... first thing I thought of: Shit. Because bran makes you shit. Great, I am Shitting Crow. I am howling with laughter. Anyway, this is Shitting Crow signing off. 

P.S. Before I forget: Pagan Name Generator

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