Saturday, May 4, 2013


I have writers block. All kinds of block. I missed Beltane, and I feel just bleh. I am going to start listing a ton of topics to write about and hopefully start writing some more.

I had submitted a short story to a publisher for an anthology, but I was rejected. I am completely okay with that. It actually hurt a lot less than I thought it would. I know my story wasn't up to par, but soon I will get it there, and resubmit. Maybe even make it into a full length novel.

I am going to start eating an all natural diet, and I have started growing my own sage. My oldest son brought home a tree, a bean sprout, and some corn sprouts as part of his pre school project, and I am going to try to keep them going. Growing things always makes me feel pretty awesome because I always thought I couldn't grow anything. Makes me feel one with nature.

I got a necklace to symbolize my faith. It's gorgeous and when I saw it, I swear it demanded me to get it. It reminds me to thank the Goddess and God every day for my many blessings in life.

This is me signing off. Sometimes serious, all the time weird.

Oh and you can follow me on twitter too. I update that about as regularly as I update this blog!! I'm working on being better. I promise.

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