Sunday, May 12, 2013

Blogger on the go!!

So I got me the blogger app for my iPhone a little while ago to update this blog on the go. I am just now getting around to checking it out. Unlike kids nowadays, I type far faster on a keyboard than I do with my thumbs. However the blogger app interface is pretty cool for it being a free app and I get automatic spelling corrections from autocorrect.

Being that its me that I am talking about I will totally leave in the more hilarious autocorrects if they happen during one of my phone in days. Haha phone in days. So I have been thinking off and on about the 100 Days of Witchy Ways off and on today because it slipped my mind last night. I am totally open for suggestions on stuff to do for my list and I am thinking of starting on the first of June to give ample time to compile a 100 day list.

I am going to start my list and marinate on what to do. Now here is what I need you guys to do. Start thinking of stuff for me to do as well. All of this includes candle making, making potions, tinctures, and other things you can think of. Leave it in the comments section or on twitter. I am currently working on a Facebook page for the blog and I will let you know when it is done so you can pimp me out on a regular basis.

Hugs, loves and puppy dog tugs.

P.S. Hope all you mommies have a great mommies day!!

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