Sunday, March 3, 2013

Talking to a crow

So this morning I dragged my ass out of bed, dragged my ass into a shower, then dragged my ass to take the dog out. (After I got dressed you sick perv.) You can totally assume that I was dragging ass this morning. Anyway, I have the dog on his leash, we are on our way out side, when I notice that had rained. I was halfway down the stairs before I realized it was still raining. The dog was too far downstairs and I didn't want to drag him back up so I just kept going. Crazy lady walking her dog with wet hair and no sweater. I'm hardcore like that.

So anyway we walk across the complex, walk across the parking lot and I let the dog do his business, and a crow lands on a tree across the street and starts cawing.

Me: Hi. How ya doin?
Crow: Cawcawcaw
Me: Oh yeah I know I should have gotten a sweater.
Crow: Cawcawcaw
Me: You know if anyone came out here and saw me talking to you, they would think I'm crazy... Of course I probably am... unless your Morrigan. Are you Morrigan?
Crow: *silence*
Me: Okay well, nice chatting with you Morrigan.

I tell the hubs about this and he looks at me and says "Please don't tell me you are turning into that person who post shit like: Okay I'm sitting down. Having a cup of coffee now." I respond with, "No of course not, I had a conversation with a goddess. It's pretty relevant to my blog."

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