Wednesday, March 20, 2013


(This was supposed to be posted on Monday.... blogger didn't post it... bad blogger no cookie.)
So Ostara is coming up. Excited? Yeah! I get to crochet some Ostara eggs. I know it is so exciting! Shush, crocheting is not just for old ladies. I have some awesome self striping yarns and it's going to be really cool. I'll be sure to get some pictures and upload them for you guys to see. I am not sure what else to do for Ostara. I should probably consult my books and come up with a good plan.

I should just do some more research besides seeing how Easter eggs came to be. They are a sign of fertility you know. Yeah I am sure you did know that. I'll add more to this post when I figure out what else to do for Ostara.

(Today: 3-20)
So I made some Ostara eggs, and I am going to crochet some Easter eggs for the oldest boy's class. Since I am not so newly converted to Wicca, I don't really see a problem with my children celebrating Easter, as in a "Lets get a shit ton of candy and fight each other over eggs" kind of day. Which is how we actually celebrate it anyway. Even when I was younger it was never really religious, and it was more about seeing what the Easter bunny shit out on the sidewalk when he left our baskets. So anyway, both my boys got an Ostara egg, because they thought mommy crocheting little eggs was so awesome, and they kept telling me they wanted eggs. On a tangent: Did you know that crocheted eggs are really aerodynamic and are really accurate when thrown? I didn't either.

Anyway, so my plans for today is going out for a walk in the desert. I normally don't do nature walks and I am sure the hubs is going to look at me like I have gone completely bonkers when I suggest it, but he will still be happy none the less. He likes going for walks but not when he is alone. Because you know when you are alone the werewolves will get you.


  1. lol easter was never really a religious thing in my moms house either. Actually this blog did post on my Blogger news feed but when I clicked on it, it said the blog was deleted.

    1. Well I am glad it did post... but promptly deleted itself. Blogger is so silly sometimes.